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Bizarre Japanese Women


Japanese culture and taste is kinda weird if you ask me. Is not really so much of bad weird, just kinky weird. When it comes to Japanese porn, they love to make scenes with schoolgirls and also bondage. Used Japanese schoolgirl panties are in great demand. Another thing that is really popular is Japanese bukake. Pretty Japanese girls being splash with white semen is their favorite. Check out this DVD where girls are being peed on while the head is sticking out from toilet bowl. It looked really bizarre and dirty but I kinda dig it. Kinda artistic if you ask me and it gives me some funny feeling in my cock too. Not the kind of feeling when you see a naked hot babe, but something really strange and exciting at the same time. Just love the idea of how they can convince all these Japanese girls sitting in those toilet bowl and getting peed on makes it even more exciting.


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