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Ever sexy and gorgeous Leah Dizon

Check out the ever sexy and gorgeous Leah Dizon. A very big name in Japan where she has endorsed for several big brands including JVC and Coca Cola to name a few. What makes this girl special than the rest of the Japanese girls in the Japanese gravure model scene is, this girl is actually not Japanese at all. Her dad is Chinese Filipino and mom is French American. The talent scout that spotted her in her hometown Nevada, Las Vegas strongly believe that her looks will make her a household name in Japan. Without a single doubt, this talented young girl exploded in Japan with a big bang. She even went on to become a recording artist in Japan singing Japanese pop songs. I believe I will never have a girl like Leah Dizon as a girlfriend in my lifetime. I am just happy to be able to see her sexy photos and videos just like 99%  of the male population in the world.


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