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Aika Momose

Name : Aika Momose

D.O.B : Dec 30 1984

Place of Birth : Tokyo

Vital Stats : 35-23-34

About: Aika Momose is a city girl. She is born and bred in the city of Tokyo. At the early age, she loves to play ping pong and basketball. She is quite tall for a Japanese girl as her height is 5 feet 5 inches. She choose ping pong over basketball despite her height as she claims that the girls in the high school basketball team is much taller than her. Since she grew up in Tokyo, she is exposed to the city lifestyles and often cut classes to go sing in karaoke with her schoolmates. While at the mall one day she was spotted by a scout and offer her to work as a gravure model as she stands out among other tiny Japanese folks in the mall. She then went on to make a few Japanese porn flick which features the big breast genre. Aiko Momose is said to have a F cup bra size. One of the favorite pass time of this Tokyo lass is cooking. She enjoys trying out new recipe especially fusion menus where east meet west recipe. She hopes to become a restaurant owner one day when she retires. We wish her all the best in her ambition and in the meantime we will continue to enjoy the porn flicks featuring this Japanese cutie.

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