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Aino Kishi

Name : Aino Kishi

D.O.B : Feb 01 1988

Place of Birth : Hokkaido

Vital Stats : 33-22-33

About: This teen like Japanese girl is making big waves in the Japanese porn industry. She is very popular among her fans and is famous for her innocent teenager looks. This petite Japanese girl just turned 21 and already has quite a number of hardcore Japanese porn videos under her belt. With her small frame and not so large boobs, she still gives the more popular AV Idols a run for their money as she is dubbed by a famous director to have a face of an angel. With her angelic face and doing hardcore scenes, she became an instant hit among Japan porn lovers. She also has a very nice figure to match her angelic face as Aino Kishi is a trained gymnast. Her specialty was the apparatus and all the hard training while in school kept her in very good shape. This gorgeous Japanese girl loves to do oil painting. She also once confessed that she is a shopaholic. One of her hobby is visiting the spa and also hot spring. She believes the water from the hot spring can make one’s skin smooth and beautiful.

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