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An Nanba

Name : An Nanba

D.O.B : Mar 07 1984

Place of Birth : Tokyo

Vital Stats : 34-23-34

About: She is also known as Ann Nanba. She said she is very outgoing when she was in high school and always seen going out to the malls in Tokyo. She have been approached by many scouts to do AV movies but she always declined. One day she got robbed and decided to give the scout a call and try to land a job to earn some money. What she thought to be a nude picture session turn out to be a porn video shoot actually. The title of her debut porn movie is actually Number One. The title was actually a play to her name as in Japanese, “An Nanba” sounds like Number One. After making her first movie, she stayed on to pay her debts and thought her career was meaningful. She is really well known for her role in Japanese hardcore genre and will do any scenes if she is required too. She is known for scenes like gangbang and stimulated rape. She really is a hard worker and very dedicated to her fans. At one time she collapse for doing too many scenes like Japanese anal. She took a break for a short while and came back stronger to do more movies for her adoring fans. She has won many awards for all her hard work.

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