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Asuka Sakamaki

Name : Asuka Sakamaki

D.O.B : Oct 02 1982

Place of Birth : Tokyo

Vital Stats : 35-24-34

About: Made her debut in 2002 with the concept of her turning into a wild woman hungry for sex. One month prior to the shoot, she was restricted from having sex and masturbation. After a month, fans of AV Idols was invited to the video shoot and they witness this new AV starlet destine to shine in her adult movie career. She confessed that she was really hungry for sex as she normally masturbate at least once daily. With her being deprived from having sex and release her sexual frustrations, what appeared to be on the movie set was real. Most of the newcomers to this industry does not last long as the cycle to look for new faces are constantly changing. The life span for a new actress trying to break into the scene will normally last a year with roughly 30 videos under their belt. However Asuka Sakamaki lasted for 4 years and have many scenes under her name.

Pictures of Asuka Sakamaki

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