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Can’t get enough of Maria Ozawa

Apr 24th, 2015 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babes, Japanese Hardcore, Japanese Uncensored | no comment »

maria-ozawaMaria Ozawa Bio

I know I just made a post about Maria Ozawa recently but what I can do, I got the MO FEVER! Just looking at the picture of my favorite Japanese AV Idol getting fucked got me horny. She reminds me of another youthful Jav star Azumi Mizushima. And aside from getting horny, I also felt so much in love with her. I just don’t understand why I would feel like this. Normally if you like some girls and you see them getting fucked, either you feel sad and angry or treat her like a skanky whore where you use her as your sexual relief only. But with Maria Ozawa, she can get fucked in the ass and if she wants to marry me, I will agree in a heart beat. MO FOREVER!


Busty Av Idol Yuui Aoyama fucked good

Dec 22nd, 2012 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babes, Japanese Big Tits, Japanese Uncensored | no comment »

yuui-aoyamaJapanese Webcam Sex

Just look at those marvelous melons dangling and swaying side to side. What a magnificent sight. Yuui Aoyama is a popular AV Idol blessed with a big pair of yummy Japanese boobs. Her boobs are 100% natural and is really cool that most of her scenes always focused on her big tits. I like how this scene is 100% uncensored and we get to see everything clearly. As you know, most Japanese porn has this irritating pixel around the performers genitals. It is known as mosaic. But if you are into non mosaic stuff, then you should check out her gallery by clicking on the link below.


Maria Ozawa always looks good no matter what

Dec 7th, 2012 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babe, Japanese Babes, Japanese Pussy, Japanese Uncensored | no comment »

My obsession for Maria Ozawa is no longer a secret. I think many friends around me are aware of this fact. I am sure some of them might secretly in love with her but are too shy to openly admit it. I have never adored a pornstar before in my life and some how things are different with Maria. She has done the hardest hardcore porn imaginable but some how she still turns up very classy. I guess this has prompted Hegre Art to fly to Japan just to have a pictorial with this AV Porn Goddess. The team from Hegre Art paid top dollars just to get these classy nude art pictures of the lovely Maria Ozawa. Now for a very cheap price, you can join the site to see these exclusive pictures of her.


Maria Ozawa still the best AV Idol

Jan 18th, 2011 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babe, Japanese Hardcore, Japanese Uncensored | no comment »

maria-ozawaAbout Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa has been gracing the Japanese porn scene for quite a while now. There are so many newcomers popping up in the AV Idol scenes every now and then. I still love Maria Ozawa the most even though they are younger Japanese porn stars emerging in the scene. Maria Ozawa just has that certain X-Factor that many who doesn’t possessed. She can suck a cock and still look really classy and yet very sexual at the same time. She is the only Japanese pornstar that can make me want to beat off every time I see her pictures of videos while I am at the office. I have to admit I would rather beat off to the image of Maria Ozawa then fucking my own girlfriend.


Miho Maeshima is one gorgeous babe

Dec 17th, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babe | no comment »

miho-maeshimaMore About Miho Maeshima

Another really hot Japanese AV Idol that I really fancy is Miho Maeshima. These AV Idols really look so damn gorgeous and I can repeat myself enough. Typically Japanese girls has slant eyes but in recent times, many girls now has big eyes. Some says the girls go under the knife to have plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. If Miho has done surgery, I still will accept her with open arms. I know that she has been fucked many times in front of the camera and seen by many fans around the world. But I bet many will still envy me if she is going to be my wife.


Super innocent and cute Aino Kishi

Dec 15th, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babe | no comment »

aino-kishiMore About Aino Kishi

I still need to check if my feet is on the ground and also pinch myself every time I see this super cute AV Idol Aino Kishi does Japanese hardcore porn. I just can’t believe that an innocent and pretty looking Japanese girl like her chooses the path to be a porn actress. I am sure she can do fairly well as a pin up model or commercial model. I am not complaining though but just merely stating my amazement. I guess this what draws most people to Japanese porn as they have hot girls like Aino Kishi and many more.


Super teenie AV Idol Mihiro Taniguchi

Dec 9th, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babe | no comment »


One of the hottest AV Idol in recent times gotta be Mihiro Taniguchi. She is really popular among Japanese porn fans. She appeared in a Sex Expo in Macau this year as a honorable guest. This teenie looking star created quite a commotion and her fans came in droves.  I think it would be a little bit funky for me to see her in real life. I am just afraid that I will always imagine how she is sucking cock and taking cock in her tight Japanese pussy. I think it would take me a few minutes to get over all that and accept her as just Mihiro Taniguchi the beautiful Japanese girl rather than the AV Idol.


Tina Yuzuki is also known as Rio

Dec 7th, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babe | no comment »

tina-yuzukiMore About Tina Yuzuki

Is almost unbelievable to see such a beautiful and innocent face like this to be actually sucking and fucking in front of the camera. That’s Japan porn for you where beautiful such as Tina Yuzuki or also known as Rio makes up a big selection of super gorgeous Japanese girls doing hardcore porn. Rio has attained the status of being an AV Idol because of the amount of video titles she has been starred on. She has a big following and also has a big number of mainstream fans. This is also one of the main reason why I am drawn to Japanese porn as they always features super gorgeous girls like Tina Yuzuki. She is of Portuguese and Japanese mixed parentage.


Japan AV Idol Mai Haruna sucking lollipop

Nov 29th, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babe, Japanese Big Tits | no comment »


Mai Haruna is definitely one of the cutest Japan AV Idol around. She is very popular among Japan porn lovers as she is blessed with such an adorable face and a nice pair of natural Japanese boobs. I love these pictures of her sucking on a lollipop in such a teasing manner where she is giving us a hint how she would suck on a cock. Is almost unimaginable how such an adorable looking girl is doing hardcore porn for a living. But hey, thanks to the Internet we get to see innocent Japanese girl like Mai Haruna getting fucked and sucking cock. I’ll still marry her even she has fucked hundreds of ugly Japanese dudes.


Busty Japanese AV Idol Yuma Asami

Nov 27th, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babe, Japanese Big Tits | no comment »


I think by now you guys must know the meaning behind the words AV Idols right? If no, then let me tell you again. AV stands for Adult Videos. So AV Idols literally means Adult Video Idols. To achieve the Idol status you need to win a few awards, made quite a number of Japanese porn flicks and also have a strong following of fans. Yuma Asami is one perfect example of an AV Idol as she has won numerous awards and starred in many Japanese porn. Just look at her beautiful face and big boobs. Anybody who seen this pictures must have a strong desire to see that gorgeous Japanese girl get fucked by men and see her facial expression. I just love this picture set where she is dressed as a sexy school teacher and she will get fucked by her students. Long live Japanese porn!


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