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Can’t get enough of Maria Ozawa

Apr 24th, 2015 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babes, Japanese Hardcore, Japanese Uncensored | no comment »

maria-ozawaMaria Ozawa Bio

I know I just made a post about Maria Ozawa recently but what I can do, I got the MO FEVER! Just looking at the picture of my favorite Japanese AV Idol getting fucked got me horny. She reminds me of another youthful Jav star Azumi Mizushima. And aside from getting horny, I also felt so much in love with her. I just don’t understand why I would feel like this. Normally if you like some girls and you see them getting fucked, either you feel sad and angry or treat her like a skanky whore where you use her as your sexual relief only. But with Maria Ozawa, she can get fucked in the ass and if she wants to marry me, I will agree in a heart beat. MO FOREVER!


Busty Av Idol Yuui Aoyama fucked good

Dec 22nd, 2012 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babes, Japanese Big Tits, Japanese Uncensored | no comment »

yuui-aoyamaJapanese Webcam Sex

Just look at those marvelous melons dangling and swaying side to side. What a magnificent sight. Yuui Aoyama is a popular AV Idol blessed with a big pair of yummy Japanese boobs. Her boobs are 100% natural and is really cool that most of her scenes always focused on her big tits. I like how this scene is 100% uncensored and we get to see everything clearly. As you know, most Japanese porn has this irritating pixel around the performers genitals. It is known as mosaic. But if you are into non mosaic stuff, then you should check out her gallery by clicking on the link below.


Maria Ozawa always looks good no matter what

Dec 7th, 2012 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babe, Japanese Babes, Japanese Pussy, Japanese Uncensored | no comment »

My obsession for Maria Ozawa is no longer a secret. I think many friends around me are aware of this fact. I am sure some of them might secretly in love with her but are too shy to openly admit it. I have never adored a pornstar before in my life and some how things are different with Maria. She has done the hardest hardcore porn imaginable but some how she still turns up very classy. I guess this has prompted Hegre Art to fly to Japan just to have a pictorial with this AV Porn Goddess. The team from Hegre Art paid top dollars just to get these classy nude art pictures of the lovely Maria Ozawa. Now for a very cheap price, you can join the site to see these exclusive pictures of her.


Clean shaven Japanese teen pussy

Feb 2nd, 2011 Posted in Japanese Babes, Japanese Teens | no comment »


Is that time again where a Japanese girl with a nice clean shaven pussy is needed to grace the pages of Japan Porn Hunters. As we all may know that these Japanese girls are from the site G-Queens and mostly are not famous AV Idols. These are amateur girls probably trying to become a famous AV Idol one day. For now I think they are not short of fans either as I have received many emails requesting for more pictures of these sexy clean shaven Japanese pussies. Many openly wrote in the email that they would love to munch on the clam burgers. With shaven pussy like this, one doesn’t have to worry about having a hair ball coming out from the throat.


Hot Japanese girls working as cam girls

Jan 2nd, 2011 Posted in Japanese Babes | no comment »


I am sure you love Japanese girls. Or else you wouldn’t be here at Japan Porn Hunters. Most of the time we only get to see all these pretty AV Idols fucked by ugly Japanese dudes and while we stroke our cocks. How we wish that we can have some sort of communications with these hot Japanese babes. I have some good news for you hardcore Japanese girls lovers. There’s a site call Sakura Live and it features hot amateur Japanese girls working online as cam girls. You don’t need a webcam in order to see all these Japanese babes “live” but if you have a webcam, you can still show them your face if you wish too. I have tried it a couple of times and it is really incredible that I get to chat with these real Japanese girls. And if you are a horny bastard, these Japanese cam girls will get naked for you and will have cyber sex with you.


Hitomi Furusawa a true Japanese babe

Nov 23rd, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babes | no comment »


Hitomi Furusawa is a true Japanese babe. I know I kept saying almost every Japanese girls that I posted in my blog are all babes. But this is the God damn truth. Almost all of the babes that made it to Japanese Porn Hunters have passed certain standards. Hitomi Furusawa like most AV Idols doesn’t even look like someone who shows her skin for a living. She looks like the adorable kindergarten teacher that is so proper and nice. But I’m sure glad that she does not take education of career choice. I’m sure her current job will be more meaningful and appreciated by many.


Japanese babe Misa Shinozaki

Nov 21st, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babes | no comment »


I am going crazy and totally obsessed with Japanese girls. I want to eat sushi all day long and if I can, I would speak Japanese any single minute. How can I not be crazy about them girls. They are so damn beautiful in every way. Their looks, hair, skin and even their characters. So polite and submissive, never in my life I’ve seen girls that are so demure. Japanese babes are definitely the best of the best among girls and just take a look at this hot Japanese babe by the name of Misa Shinozaki. Awesome looking body with a gorgeous face. I am definitely turning Japanese and I’m driving a small Honda Civic by the way.


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