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Really busty Japanese gf loves cosplay

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This is one of the hottest Japanese amateur girl or Japanese girlfriend content I’ve seen so far. She might be a little bit thick but she just has the looks that can make any guys cock rock hard. She is really into cosplay and I have no idea who she is trying to imitate. I am not into cosplay but I am into hot Japanese girls with big boobs. Click on the picture if you want to see really awesome contents.


Japanese girl Sana in Japanese cosplay porn

Jul 11th, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Cosplay | no comment »

Japanese Live Sex

Damn I love Japanese girls dressing as schoolgirls. This Japanese girl by the name of Sana looking really good in this Japanese cosplay porn. I love to see her in spectacles looking like a really studious student with really sexy short skirt and long black socks. Also love the fact that most Japanese school girl wearing white cotton panties. Really have all the criteria I love about Japanese porn.


Japanese porn with Japanese Cosplay

Jul 2nd, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Cosplay | no comment »

Japanese Live Cams

If you never heard of cosplay, let me introduce you to the world of cosplay. The Japanese got this idea when they visited some Star Trek convention and saw many Trekkies wearing the uniform of Enterprise. The Japanese thought is really cool what the geeks in the USA did in USA and this how the Japanese Cosplay is born. The Japanese normally would dress in their favorite cartoon characters and try to act and talk like the cartoon characters. As you know, Japanese anime characters normally are sexy schoolgirls in really sexy outfit. So is only natural that the porn producers in Japan saw this as a new idea to make a niche with it. Now we have a new site that dedicate to Cosplay and porn at the same time. The name of the site is Japanese Cosplay. So if you are into cosplay and porn, this surely is a match made in heaven for you.


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