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Japanese office girl looking so mean

Aug 8th, 2010 Posted in Japanese Babe, Japanese Office Sex | no comment »

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Man I love all this fierce looking Japanese office girls. They looked so serious and all business but when they let their hair loose at some company’s function, that’s the time you see their real colors. I’ve always love imagining of fucking one of those lady bossy type of girls in my office. They are the type who look so powerful in the office but when in bed with a lowly paid employee like me, I in turn will have the power and make sure they will beg me for my cock to put into their itchy pussy. This is not imagination my friends, it has been done before!


No wonder Japanese are hard workers

Aug 7th, 2010 Posted in Japanese Babe, Japanese Office Sex | no comment »

Japanese Live Sex

Now I fucking know the answer why Japanese dudes are so resourceful and hardworking. Who would not work hard like them if you can fucking bonk your hot Japanese female co workers. I would go to office everyday and try to out perform all my fellow male colleagues and win the heart of all the females in my office. And when I’m promoted to be their boss, I gonna increase my chance of fucking them everyday. Most Japanese girls don’t really mind being fuck in the office by the boss I guess. Well at least that’s what I see in Japanese Office Porn anyways.


Rinka Aiuchi looking super hot

Aug 6th, 2010 Posted in Japanese Babe, Japanese Office Sex | no comment »

Japanese Live Sex

Damn this Japanese girl by the name of Rinka Aiuchi looks might fine. She dressed really good in her office clothing and when she took it off, her lingerie are even better. Purple colored panties and bra with some white laced pattern matched with black stockings can really make my cock go on a riot. Check out this super hot scene where Rinka Auichi is having sex with her office co workers. One of the best Japanese Office Sex Scene by far.


Japanese office girl got violated

Aug 5th, 2010 Posted in Japanese Office Sex | no comment »

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Ever imagine having sex with one of your office co workers? I know I have. Sometimes your female co workers are such tease. They know that we secretly want to fuck their brains out but most likely they are just in for the tease. This is what we call cock teasers. Pretending to accidentally touch you like they are giving you the “GO” signal. Well fuck all these bitches. Check out this new Japanese office sex site where we just give what those cock teasers deserve. We tied them up and take turns to tease their pussy and make them so horny that she starts to fuck all her male co workers. Then the office working environment will be good when we have officially elected our new “Office Slut”.


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