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Chihiro Hasegawa

Name : Chihiro Hasegawa

D.O.B : Sep 23 1984

Place of Birth : Saitama

Vital Stats : 30-22-33

About: She started her career in her debut to AV industry in unusual manner. Most of the newcomers normally made the debut with mainstream adult videos but Chihiro Hasegawa jumped into the hardcore scenes immediately. In her debut,she is seen doing scenes involving drinking of semen and urine. She also acted with one transgendered actor by the name Moe. Many hardcore scenes such as fisting, vomiting and forced fellatio is nothing unusual for this Japanese girl. She has won the Erotic Cinderella awards which is similar to best actress awards in the industry. Her hobby is playing the piano. Despite all the hardcore scenes she has done, she actually loves children and has a teacher’s license to teach kindergarten students.

Pictures of Chihiro Hasegawa

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