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Fuuka Sakurai

Name : Fuuka Sakurai

D.O.B : Dec 24 1979

Place of Birth : Fukuoka

Vital Stats : 35-24-33

About: Born on the eve of Christmas eve, this pretty Japanese girl made her debut in the year 1999 when was 20 years old. She started off as a gravure model and eventually went into the AV industry. She is very petite in size but she made it up with her big appetite with raunchy sex scenes. She has been industry for quite a while and despite with so many new comers, she still have her loyal fan base. This is because Fuuka Sakurai possessed the looks of a girl that you would like to bring home to show to your mom. She enjoys singing in karaoke like most Japanese do and also listening to J-Pop music.

Pictures of Fuuka Sakurai

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