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Maria Ozawa

Name : Maria Ozawa

D.O.B : Jan 08 1986

Place of Birth : Hokkaido

Vital Stats : 35-23-34

About: Used to be known as Miyabi when she started her career. She must be one of the most popular AV Idol for of her generation. Everyone who is not into AV Idols most likely has heard or seen the picture of Maria Ozawa. She is of mixed parentage where her mom is pure Japanese and her father is French Canadian. She studied in an International school in Hokkaido and claims her written English is better than her Japanese. Her fan based is all over the world and is particularly popular in Indonesia. Rumor has it that she will appear in an Indonesian comedy as a starring role. The plot is about 3 university students who is her number one fan and making plans to kidnap her. She also acted in a Taiwan mainstream movie. Her co actors and actresses was really impressed with her professionalism. Unlike many Japanese AV Idols who are scouted, Maria did not get scouted, instead she was the one who studied all the studios carefully and finally choose a studio that she liked. Jobs have been constantly pouring when she debuted her first videos and has changed studios a few times. With her being so popular, a famous hip hop group in Japan insisted that she appears in their MTV. She is said to be dating a J-Pop singer and she did not deny nor or confirmed the news.

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    One of the best and I have a couple of DVD’s of here.

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    She is the best

  3. mehdi says:

    she is very sweet

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