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Maria Ozawa featured in this bizarre porn

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I am so excited about writing this post. This bizarre Japanese porn scene caters to various people who has different interest. First of all, if you are a big fan of Formula One, this scene was shot in a racing circuit. For those who love BDSM porn, you get to see hot AV Idols getting tied up and having a ball gag in their mouths. Maria Ozawa as always will make all our blood goes straight to our cocks and make it as hard an iron rod. All this hot Japanese girls are racing in other in a cart equipped with sex toys. As the vehicles circles the track, dildos that are installed on the carts will start pumping in and out of the girls’ pussies. After a few rounds, toys would be replaced by masked men that fuck the beautiful AV Idols. Even though you will not hear the screaming powerful engines of Ferrari, there’s still the sound of hot Japanese girls squealing with pleasure.




Ever sexy and gorgeous Leah Dizon

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Check out the ever sexy and gorgeous Leah Dizon. A very big name in Japan where she has endorsed for several big brands including JVC and Coca Cola to name a few. What makes this girl special than the rest of the Japanese girls in the Japanese gravure model scene is, this girl is actually not Japanese at all. Her dad is Chinese Filipino and mom is French American. The talent scout that spotted her in her hometown Nevada, Las Vegas strongly believe that her looks will make her a household name in Japan. Without a single doubt, this talented young girl exploded in Japan with a big bang. She even went on to become a recording artist in Japan singing Japanese pop songs. I believe I will never have a girl like Leah Dizon as a girlfriend in my lifetime. I am just happy to be able to see her sexy photos and videos just like 99%  of the male population in the world.


Japanese teen orgy sex

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You gotta love Asia Movie Pass. This guys has been around since 1999 and with such a long track record, they have the biggest Japanese porn archives one could imagine. All the big AV Idols porn videos can be found there with different categories like Bukake, Orgy, Lesbians, Pregnant, Fisting and so much more. Asia Movie Pass has also just launched High Definition Videos in their members area to serve their members better. This really gives top satisfaction when you join the site for $29.90 a month. Check out this Japanese porn clips in HD that features Japanese teen in orgy sex and violated by a group of horny Japanese dudes.


Busty Japanese Idol Kaede Matsushima

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One of my favorite AV Idol is Kaede Matsushima. She has such a beautiful and innocent face. Like most top AV Idols, all the girls look really innocent and yet they do hardcore scene that is totally out of the world. This is one big factor that draws me to Japanese porn. Seems like they are never short of new talents that is beautiful like Kaede Matsushima.


Japanese amateur girl tagged by 2 dudes

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I always thought Asian girls are very conservative, especially the Japanese girls. After seeing a few videos of this cool Japanese porn site name Kobe Surprise, I would have to change my thoughts a bit. Seems like all the girls are pretty much game for some outrageous fun. Seen here on this post is an amateur Japanese girl who was stopped by two Japanese dude who runs a game show. They interviewed the girl and after that all hell break loose and the girl starts to get naked and happily let the tho guys touch her all over. If you enjoy the amateur scene, please to check out Kobe Surprise.


Japanese pussy and the machine

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The crew of Fucking Machine went to Japan and introduce the best sex toy in the world to some lovely Japanese babes. The Japanese babes really loved the Fucking Machines and was pretty amazed with the machines. The pretty Japanese girls were delighted to try the machine in their pussy and asshole as well. I am glad this Japanese girls are open to new inventions that is outside of their country. Now lets see if Toyota can invent something better.


Hitomi Furusawa looking so beautiful

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Just like all the Japanese car manufacturers that keep coming out with amazing new car designs that amazes us, the Japanese adult industry is also doing the same. Seems like there are endless of new faces of hot Japanese girls keep being discovered and getting hotter by the second. Meet Hitomi Furusawa, a very pretty gravure model or better known as buru buru model in Japanese lingo. I have a soft spot for girls who has bunny teeth like Bugs Bunny. I find it really cute and appealing. We just hope this lovely Japanese babe will consider trying her hand at the AV scene. With her pretty face and bubbly personality, I have no doubt that she will become very popular.


Japanese amateur girl having fun

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Me and My Asian is a site dedicated to the Asian niche. There are a lot of Japanese amateur girls doing kinky sex act with their boyfriends in hotels and t0ok the liberty of recording it. Lucky us most of the contents always ended up in the Internet. Check out more Japanese hotties by clicking the picture above.

Bizarre Japanese Women

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Japanese culture and taste is kinda weird if you ask me. Is not really so much of bad weird, just kinky weird. When it comes to Japanese porn, they love to make scenes with schoolgirls and also bondage. Used Japanese schoolgirl panties are in great demand. Another thing that is really popular is Japanese bukake. Pretty Japanese girls being splash with white semen is their favorite. Check out this DVD where girls are being peed on while the head is sticking out from toilet bowl. It looked really bizarre and dirty but I kinda dig it. Kinda artistic if you ask me and it gives me some funny feeling in my cock too. Not the kind of feeling when you see a naked hot babe, but something really strange and exciting at the same time. Just love the idea of how they can convince all these Japanese girls sitting in those toilet bowl and getting peed on makes it even more exciting.


Squeezing on nice pair of Japanese boobs

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What do you feel when you squeeze on some big boobies? Does it makes your cock hard or does it gives you a good feeling? I still can’t explain why guys love girls with big boobs and love squeezing on them. Don’t get me wrong, I love squeezing on big boobs and I will get a hard on doing it. I just can’t find the reason but I guess this is just how some things and situation are being created. Guys just love girls with big boobs and no reason are needed to explain why. Is just the same as why some guys dig old women whose birthday suit needs serious ironing.


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