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Tina Yuzuki is also known as Rio

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tina-yuzukiMore About Tina Yuzuki

Is almost unbelievable to see such a beautiful and innocent face like this to be actually sucking and fucking in front of the camera. That’s Japan porn for you where beautiful such as Tina Yuzuki or also known as Rio makes up a big selection of super gorgeous Japanese girls doing hardcore porn. Rio has attained the status of being an AV Idol because of the amount of video titles she has been starred on. She has a big following and also has a big number of mainstream fans. This is also one of the main reason why I am drawn to Japanese porn as they always features super gorgeous girls like Tina Yuzuki. She is of Portuguese and Japanese mixed parentage.


Japanese teen with shaven pussy

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I am loving this site more and more. G Queens really features cute Japanese teens. When I am in the mood of seeing amateur girls and not the Japanese Idols kind of girls. G Queens would be my choice as the content specializing in featuring amateur Japanese teens who shaves their pussies. Most Japanese girls as you see have pussies that needs major trim with weed wackers. But in G Queens be assured to see all these Japanese teens with pussy as bald as the head of a vulture. So is really refreshing to see all these uncensored videos of Japanese teen pussy getting fuck.


Japan AV Idol Mai Haruna sucking lollipop

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Mai Haruna is definitely one of the cutest Japan AV Idol around. She is very popular among Japan porn lovers as she is blessed with such an adorable face and a nice pair of natural Japanese boobs. I love these pictures of her sucking on a lollipop in such a teasing manner where she is giving us a hint how she would suck on a cock. Is almost unimaginable how such an adorable looking girl is doing hardcore porn for a living. But hey, thanks to the Internet we get to see innocent Japanese girl like Mai Haruna getting fucked and sucking cock. I’ll still marry her even she has fucked hundreds of ugly Japanese dudes.


Busty Japanese AV Idol Yuma Asami

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I think by now you guys must know the meaning behind the words AV Idols right? If no, then let me tell you again. AV stands for Adult Videos. So AV Idols literally means Adult Video Idols. To achieve the Idol status you need to win a few awards, made quite a number of Japanese porn flicks and also have a strong following of fans. Yuma Asami is one perfect example of an AV Idol as she has won numerous awards and starred in many Japanese porn. Just look at her beautiful face and big boobs. Anybody who seen this pictures must have a strong desire to see that gorgeous Japanese girl get fucked by men and see her facial expression. I just love this picture set where she is dressed as a sexy school teacher and she will get fucked by her students. Long live Japanese porn!


Asia Movie Pass still going strong

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There’s no sign of slowing down from Asia Movie Pass. AMP is one of the pioneer in providing quality Japanese porn online. They are still one of the leaders when it comes to Japan porn and they even upgraded to providing HD Videos. With so many years of being online and faithfully serving so many satisfied Japanese porn goers, you can imagine the big load of top notch Japanese porn movies in their members area. There cover almost if not all the Japanese porn niches that exist in the world and one of their specialty is Japanese bukake porn. If you ever decided to be a premium member of a Japanese porn site, Asia Movie Pass comes highly recommended.


Hitomi Furusawa a true Japanese babe

Nov 23rd, 2010 Posted in Japanese AV Idol, Japanese Babes | no comment »


Hitomi Furusawa is a true Japanese babe. I know I kept saying almost every Japanese girls that I posted in my blog are all babes. But this is the God damn truth. Almost all of the babes that made it to Japanese Porn Hunters have passed certain standards. Hitomi Furusawa like most AV Idols doesn’t even look like someone who shows her skin for a living. She looks like the adorable kindergarten teacher that is so proper and nice. But I’m sure glad that she does not take education of career choice. I’m sure her current job will be more meaningful and appreciated by many.


Japanese babe Misa Shinozaki

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I am going crazy and totally obsessed with Japanese girls. I want to eat sushi all day long and if I can, I would speak Japanese any single minute. How can I not be crazy about them girls. They are so damn beautiful in every way. Their looks, hair, skin and even their characters. So polite and submissive, never in my life I’ve seen girls that are so demure. Japanese babes are definitely the best of the best among girls and just take a look at this hot Japanese babe by the name of Misa Shinozaki. Awesome looking body with a gorgeous face. I am definitely turning Japanese and I’m driving a small Honda Civic by the way.


This Japanese old man is a good fucker

Nov 19th, 2010 Posted in Japanese Bukake, Japanese Hardcore, Japanese Weird Porn | one comment »


I love Japanese porn because they are very imaginative. They go all out to cast the weirdest ensembles. Take this old man for an example. He is a father and a grandfather, but he is also a Japanese pornstar. He gets to fuck hot Japanese AV Idols and get paid for it. If I’m as old as him and get this as a job, I would be so fucking happy. I will perform any Japanese porn if required. I will sucked on viagra like my favorite candy to make my cock hard and honestly, this is the kind of job I don’t mind dying for or dying at.


I love Japanese bukake videos

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I love Japanese bukake every once in a while when I am in the mood for some really weird Japanese porn stuff. Seeing the Japanese girls being splashed with loads of thick gooey cum on their face and being humiliated by a bunch of guys are surely some pretty intense porn stuff. Most of the time the girls are forced to drink the cum from a bucket or a bowl. There are times the girls are forced to eat the cum on a piece of bread. I have no idea why it turns me on looking at all these kinky shit. Maybe is the thought that a girl sometimes can be manipulated and humiliated turns me on. Maybe I am just demented like the rest of you guys who love Japanese bukake.


Brand new reality Japanese porn site

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Just found this awesome brand new reality Japanese porn site. From the tour I like it already. Name of the site is J Girl Adventures and from my experience it is definitely a site that is of reality niche. It features amateur Japanese girls with a penchant of weird Japanese sex. You know the Japanese are capable for many weird stuff and their sexual activities is one of them. This is why the Japanese can invent so many gadgets as they have different set of mentality from others. When you are that creative, you need a special kind of porn to get you aroused. Honestly, I do enjoy all these weird and funky Japanese porn. Best part about J Girl Adventures is that it falls under the category of Uncensored Japanese Porn.


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