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Ran Asakawa

Name : Ran Asakawa

D.O.B : Sep 04 1980

Place of Birth : Kanagawa

Vital Stats : 34-23-34

About: Had her first sexual experience when she was 19 years old with a businessman. She claims that she did not enjoy herself but only on her 10th time finally it began to felt pleasurable. When in junior college, she tried to support her studies by doing part time job. The job doesn’t pay that much and she decided to try doing adult videos. She cried after her first video and felt so embarrassed and thinking what she had done to herself and family. Needing the money, she continued to work again and began to enjoy having sex in from of the camera. She was not a popular performer as the trend at that time favored girls who looks like teenagers. Ran Asakawa looked a bit more matured than her real age. Things suddenly changed and she found herself to be getting more work and for the year of 2002, she made a total of 212 DVD titles. The next year, she outdone her previous year records by appearing in 304 videos. Her talent agency even petitioned to Guinness Book Of Records for her feats.

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