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Riko Tachibana

Name : Riko Tachibana

D.O.B : Nov 10 1984

Place of Birth : Tokyo

Vital Stats : 33-24-35

About: Taller than normal Japanese woman, this lanky Tokyo lass was uncomfortable with her height when she was in high school. She always thought guys would pretty petite women over taller ones. Her inferiority complex soon dwindled when she start to notice that a lot of guys liked her because of her height. Many men wanted to have baby with her so the kids would have a chance to be tall. She was scouted by an agent when she was out shopping in Shinjuku. Her roles in the videos always focus on her height and did a few Amazonian theme titles. Work kept pouring and within four years, she had starred in 200 titles. Riko Tachibana was awarded with “Most Appearances” at the Japan’s Adult Broadcasting Awards in 2007. When going on stage to receive the award, she lifted up her skirt and squatted with her long legs apart much to the amusement of the audiences.

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