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Sora Aoi

Name : Sora Aoi

D.O.B : Nov 11 1983

Place of Birth : Tokyo

Vital Stats : 35-23-33

About: Also know as Sola Aoi. This Tokyo babe is so popular that she attained the mainstream media recognition. While studying, she did a lot of part time job in the food industry. Working in a pizza parlor, sushi parlor and pubs made her more confident when dealing with people. She was asked once in an interview how she got her stage name. She told her agency that she likes blue color and in general she likes sky. Aoi Sora means blue sky in Japanese. With her youthful looks, cute smile and big boobs, Sora Aoi easily captured all the man’s heart when she appeared in nude magazines. She then started doing mainstream adult and was seen using a sex toy for the first time. A director noticed Sora Aoi was getting wilder in each new videos she appeared on. After a year, her fame and popularity has soared to all time high. With her new found popularity, offered kept pouring in the mainstream movies and TV program. She appeared in many TV shows in Japan and also seen doing a Thai Teen flick. She also got many offers from Korea to do mainstream TV. Sora Aoi has definitely captured the world with her quite smile.

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