All about vaginismus 

Some women are afraid of being penetrated during sex. This reaction is called vaginismus and can lead women to adopt different maneuvers to avoid being penetrated. What to know about this evil that touches more and more women?

The causes of vaginismus

Vaginismus has several causes. Most of the time, these causes are of psychosomatic origin, that is to say that the symptoms of vaginismus appear in women who are often anxious and who live constantly with fear. It can also be caused by a trauma to the sexual area. This is not necessarily a sexual abuse, but perhaps a medical examination that did not go as planned. Also, vaginismus can be the result of a repeated urinary infection that has caused tension. It can also be caused by the upbringing that one has received from one's parents. 

Indeed, most women who suffer from fear of penetration have received a rather strict education from their parents, for example by being forced to eat or taste things they did not want. However, there is intrusion into the body through the mouth and this can easily have an impact on sexuality.

The consequences of vaginismus

Vaginismus is not without consequences. This dysfunction can cause the woman pain when penetration is forced. The more the perception of pain is present, the more the fear of penetration will be reinforced. Indeed, the contraction of the vaginal muscles can prevent the couple from having sexual intercourse, which sometimes has negative effects on the couple because of the frustration caused by the inability to satisfy their desires, especially sexual ones. In addition, the impossibility of conceiving, having one's own child can also be a cause of the occurrence of vaginismus due to the impossible penetration.