How to build muscle while having sex ?

Between work, family and all the daily chores and fatigue, there is not enough time left for sports activities. However, it is possible to work out while having sex. So what are the positions to build muscle while making love?

The small bridge position

To directly set the bar high by trying some pretty complicated positions, try doing a Small Bridge. Remember that little stunt you used to do in gym class when you were a kid? So, while your partner is in the bridge position, with his head and torso facing the ceiling, you will straddle him.

This way, your leg muscles will be in action the whole time you're in this position, and your muscles will definitely be on the verge of cramping after a few minutes. This is a position that you need to be in shape for, as it requires a lot of energy. Moreover, to practice it well, you must not have any back or knee problems, for example. And as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

The position of the antelope

In this position, the man should be standing, and the woman should be clinging to him, arms wrapped around the man's neck and thighs around his pelvis. The man must hold his darling either by the buttocks or the hips to perform the back-and-forth movement between her loins. By practicing this position, women build up their thighs, their adductors to be more precise. These are located on the inside of both thighs, and are very difficult to use on a daily basis.

It is therefore the best time you have to strengthen your adductors. In addition, women also work their arms, abs and glutes. As for men, they work their arms, but also their buttocks, abs, and thighs. In short, this position is a professional workout. However, as with the rutting deer, a back-up support such as a table or a wall would be welcome.