Outdoors sex, how do I go about it?

Having sex in the open air is a fantasy that many couples want to realize. However, in order to succeed in such a coup, it is important to take certain precautions beforehand. How to make love in the open air? 

Choosing the right location 

To make love in the open air, it is necessary to find a location. A good location is a guarantee of success for this kind of fantasy. Several choices are available to you in this sense. You can opt for example for the forest, the beach, or in the water. If you want a quiet and discreet place where no one can surprise you, don't hesitate to choose the forest.

You don't need to go to the biggest forest in the country, but the local forest is more than enough. The forest is the perfect place to let your pet out and make love like never before. The beach is also a suitable setting for outdoor sex. The advantage of the beach is that you can do it in the daytime as well as at night under a starry night sky.

Get the right equipment 

Outdoor sex requires a certain amount of equipment. To make this fantasy come true, you need a blanket or a thick towel. This will be very useful against grains of sand, shells, pieces or roots of wood and others. If you choose the forest as a location, it would be a good idea to also bring an insecticide to get rid of insects. Lubricants, as well as condoms, should also be included. 

Be prepared to make love in unusual positions 

Outdoor sex is very exciting not only because of the nature but also because of the sexual positions practiced. Indeed, in the open air you don't have everything you need at your disposal. You just have to make do with what is there. In the forest you can find yourself for example pressed against a tree. In the sea, for example, you have to hold on to your partner's neck and hip.