Three yoga postures to reach orgasm

Yoga is a relaxation sport practiced by both men and women. Thus, certain postures allow to boost the sexual pleasure. What are these postures? The ansxer in this article.


More known under the name of the posture of the boat, the navasana consists in being sat on the ground by putting the hands behind the thighs. Then, you bring them back by lifting them towards your chest while directing your chest towards your thighs. Once you are stable, you extend your legs while breathing and activating the muscles of the perineum. This position makes it very easy to reach orgasm. Studies have proven that this posture is one of the best, because it allows to develop the sexual muscles and to reach the orgasm. 


It consists of standing with the legs tightly together. You focus on a fixed point in front of you to keep your balance. Then you raise your arms, bend your elbows, put your left hand underneath and join your hands around your right arm. Likewise, you proceed to transfer the weight of the body on the left leg by bending it and you wrap it in front of the right leg. Finally, we bend the chest so that the two knees join. This posture is effective because it also allows the stimulation of the muscles of the perineum. 

Baddha konasana 

Still called the posture of the goddess of sleep, the baddha konasana consists in sitting having the feet extended. We bend our knees to join the soles of our feet. Then, with our hands, we place our ankles and our heels near the pelvic floor. Place your palms around your toes to lengthen your spine and relax your shoulders. Finally, we breathe slowly to imitate the flapping of a butterfly.